Show offs-nobody likes them

Hey everyone,

Firstly I am so sorry I couldn’t write for ages. It is just that school started again, all the stress, homework, classwork and tests come with it. Imagine it wrapped up in a package and you can’t just have the things you like but have got to take everything with it or nothing at all. In this case not going to school, which I wouldn’t advise. Schoolwork is already so much but then having to watch people showing-off can be really annoying and provocative, right? /:) Don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean because there is always some in every school, even if you are one there are others. What I came to say is that if you feel low because everybody is showing-off but you feel like you don’t have any potential in anything and have nothing to show-off with, then just stop it. Stop making yourself feel even smaller, by thinking about it. I know this probably sounds so stupid to all of you right now, but think about it. After a while you will understand, I promise you. Don’t think that you aren’t good enough because you are, your strength just lies in something else and you just haven’t realized it yet or it you just haven’t tried out something yet. Your strength might even lie in blogging 😛  You get it? 😉 Okay you probably don’t cause I have very strange humor. Yes, I know! Well, back to the topic….. If you need help trying to find out what you might be able to not show-off in but feel as if you are the best in it, then you know my e-mail. Feel free to send me e-mail. Remember I opened and created that e-mail so you guys and send me your comments and questions without others seeing them.

AND REMEMBER EVERYBODY IS SPECIAL IN THEIR OWN WAY, SO DON’T FEEL LOW BECAUSE OF SHOW-OFFS that is the main message to take from this post. Wow it is not even that late and I am already dead tired, sorry gotta go and sleep or I won’t be able to get up tomorrow. *(:| yawn

Oh how I love emojis.

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx

PS: Sweet dreams