Starting new

I am back. It’s me again: Girlalert here to give u another piece of advice and a word of motivation. Okay okay I’ll stop, can I possibly get any cheesier?! That was totally lame. Anyway….

Howdy everyone,

How u doin’? How’s school? Yes I did just say school, sorry to bring it up but my topic today is kinda linked to that. I hope u guys had an amazing summer, getting your tan on and relaxing in the sun by a beautiful beach or not doing that but something just as good. 😉

Starting new can sometimes be for the better or for the worse. But starting new will always be a second chance in life at something you can perfect. Okay okay I know that starting new can also be very nerve racking and you might get very nervous because you have a new environment now and don’t know it as well … if u no what I am trying to say 🙂 I would no because like I mentioned in the last post I am now starting Year 9 well actually it already kinda started a few days ago but anywho… starting year 9 was a second chance in school. For example if u messed up and really weren’t very great at school or mean to kids in the lower school, life gives u another chance to change for the better and be different in Year 9 by approaching it in another way. Starting new also means that you should be open to new things and new people, like in my case. Right now I am getting to know some amazing people because they joined after passing 13+ and if i hadn’t been open to them I would have never gotten to know them and that would have seriously been a shame. you also start new in the sense that your classes get completely reshuffled and you don’t have the same environment, the same people but you learn to branch out and that is one of the most important skills to learn.

Sowwy if this post was a bit confusing it’s a bit hard to describe but let me try in a summary version:

Starting new is another chance at life, when u can try to change, try something different, be different and change for the better. Starting new doesn’t mean you messed up before it simply means that you get a chance to experience something out of your comfort zone, something maybe a bit more challenging, something different,you experience dissimilar situations and how to behave in them. You learn to branch out and get to develop a whole set of new skills.

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx