Patience… who has the time for that?

“Have patience all things are difficult before they become easy” – Saadi

So this is a quality I value very highly. It’s simple yet challenging. Patience is needed in most cases at any age. Say if you are hungry but you have to have patience because the food’s not ready, or you have completed an exam but you just can’t wait to get your results, or your a new mother and that baby just won’t stop crying or you just went to a job interview and desperately want to know if you got the job. I could go on and on with different scenarios but the one thing they have in common is that you have to have patience in order to face situations in life whether small insignificant ones like hunger to big life-changing ones.

Patience is so key to your life. It will not only prepare you for the worst and best situations of life and make you one if the best partners to have both platonically and romantically but it also prevents you from taking rash decisions that could change your life and you end up regretting them later. Not only that but only with patience can you develop and nurture a new skill such as learning an instrument. With patience you would practice and continue to practice until the piece you learnt to play on an instrument is perfect. This, in the end, will boost your self-esteem and make you happy but if you didn’t have the patience to keep practicing then you would have given up when even the smallest of hurdles are in your way and that would simply just make you frustrated, the opposite of happy. And I know it’s basic to point it out but I think we would all rather be happy. Basically, in my eyes, patience keeps your life in order.


Especially since many people nowadays don’t have the patience for little things like waiting 5 minutes at a junction (and instead cross the road whilst cars are speeding either side) or being stuck in traffic jams, I think it’s important for everyone including me to just reconsider our actions and just take a minute and breathe and think.

Oh and if those reasons aren’t sufficient… Patience actually keeps your health in check by decreasing your stress levels. High stress levels can lead to awful things that could grow and expand into more serious things like CHD.

So like said patience is key. Now I am not saying I am very patient. I know exactly how hard it is for us to be patient in the modern world when every day they come up with new things to decrease the amount of time wasted on insignificant things. Like ready meals instead of cooking a meal at home or even the microwave which warms your food a lot faster than the stove. But patience is vital to life and I think we should keep that in mind as things continue to change and modernise around us. What do you think of this? Let me know below in the comments.

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Girlalert xxx

P.S. Sorry I couldn’t post yesterday but I am currently travelling in remote areas with my family where we don’t always have internet access so only when we are near or in a hotel or a place with wifi can I post. Sorry!! xx


Bildergebnis für jealousyOkay so here’s my problem… I don’t want to admit it because it shows how horrible I am but I get jealous sometimes. I literally hate myself for it. It’s like there are two sides to me: the one which says “you have the right to be jealous just as long as you don’t act on it” and the other saying “don’t even think about being jealous when you have so much to be happy about. Don’t go looking for trouble by being ungrateful” but the thing is I want to believe that I am a good person so will only pick the second one but sometimes my will just isn’t big enough and the first side kinda takes over. It makes it even harder to be jealous of someone who you are actually close to and care about. I mean if you like someone you don’t really want to think about them badly or wish them bad things. So you’re probably asking where the hell did this come from?

Well recently I was jealous of something so petty and stupid it even shames me to say it or write it but it reminded me of how many other times I had been jealous of someone in the past. Occasionally I would be jealous of a friend simply because my other friends were paying more attention to them or sometimes I can be jealous of someone I don’t even like in the first place. If that’s the case it’s much easier to live with yourself being jealous of them but it still doesn’t make it right and when I come to my senses I think “What the hell? Why am I like this when this is nothing like me? I mean I think I am a good person I wish no harm to anyone even those who might wish harm to me and I believe that everyone should be given second chances even if they have wronged us in the past (because well let’s admit that none of us are faultless). So given the person I am, after I have cleared my head I realise that most of the time that we are jealous it’s for petty reasons. I think jealousy has stopped me from making new friendships in the past, has restricted me and I don’t like the person I become when I am overwhelmed by it aka a green-eyed monster. Envy is just unnecessary in most cases and it just brings trouble so I believe that I should try to listen more to that second side of mine rather than the first. One great way to stop jealousy is to stop comparing yourself. I mean everyone is unique and different if their own way. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses so really it’s not fair to either of you if you compare yourself to another person. Just because someone else is better than you at something doesn’t mean you have to beat them or be jealous because there’s probably something you are better at than them. I know that’s easier said than done but I am going to give it a try and I think everyone should. It doesn’t hurt to try after all. What are your guys’ views on this? Have you ever been jealous and regretted it? Let me know in the comments.

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Girlalert xxx

Merry Christmas!!

Hey guys,

So first of all…

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Oh my God, I can’t believe this year is drawing to an end already. I feel like the older I get the more time flies by, not that I am that old 😉 but the busier I get with school the less I pay attention to how much time flies by so easily. It’s like 2017 barely even existed and when I write the date on my pieces of work I still find it hard to write 2017 and soon I have to write 2018. I mean if someone ever finds out how to stop time or even slow it down please tell me!

But back to the subject, it’s Christmas day and although I don’t celebrate it doesn’t mean I have to spoil the fun for everyone else right? So there you go a Christmas post from girlalert herself! I still think Christmas is a wonderful time of year. I mean even if I am an atheist I still think I ought to be happy about the birth of a wonderful man who brought belief, hope and happiness to so many people in the world. I hope you guys all had the best Christmas ever, waking up all giddy in the morning and wondering what you got this year while running up to the tree. And I also hope that you got the presents you all wished for and had a wonderful time with your family. I hope all your wished come true and the future only holds good for you. And last but not least I hope you have a Christmas miracle. Now, these are often rare but I find that everyone has them just not everyone realises them had them. Because of movies and books, we expect a grand surprise or just something big but even the little things count and often they don’t get appreciated. But either way whether small and meaningful or big and meaningful I hope you guys have one!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and you need to enjoy it especially since it only comes around once a year. I hope you have/d the best Christmas ever!!

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx

Opening up

Hey guys,

So this post is a little more personal in general and I have been really scared to write it so far but I mean if not here on this platform where I am anonymous then like where right? I actually had a conversation with I guess I could call her a good friend of mine by now which kinda brought the subject back into my mind and encouraged me to finally write about it. And hey you never know maybe someone will be able to relate to this and connect? So here goes nothing

Ever since I was little I struggled with opening up to people and sharing my feelings and emotions. Mainly I guess because my brother wasn’t exactly the best of kids, he was more like a troublemaker and ever since I was little my parents would say I brought happiness and peace to the family. I saw from a very young age what my brother did to the family at times, he didn’t mean to it was just his nature and since my parents were already stressed enough I decided I didn’t want to cause them even more stress so from then on I vowed to be the perfect child. I always did well in school, helped out at home and tried my best to always smile to my parents even on days when I feel really down. This put a lot of stress on me without me even realising because I felt like I had to be twice as good a child as any other good child in order to compensate for my brother, whom I still love by the way. He is still a great brother at times but he has his negatives as well. Because I always had this pressure on me to be perfect I learnt to hide my feelings just not share them because I didn’t want my parents to worry about me as well. This kinda became like an armour for me; a mask I would put on every morning and only take off when I am alone. For example, I was bullied severely in school for being good at subjects you know the perfect nerd I guess but I never told anyone not my parents, not my teachers, not anyone. At night I would cry by myself wondering “Why me? What have I done to deserve this?”. Although I was always sad I would smile at my parents. So one day a teacher saw them bully me physically and called my parents. Of course, when I came home they were worried and I just played it off as if it were nothing. I said it only happened once, a lie, and I said that I was dealing with it, also a lie. I just didn’t want to give them another thing to worry about. I guess because it became almost second nature to not share my feelings I stopped thinking about it as much. It wasn’t a mask I put on anymore it became part of me. Because of this I also struggled to open up to my friends so they actually became friends with that part of me, the part that just hides it and never confesses. They only knew me as this happy, carefree person who had no worries in the entire world. This person who was friends with so many people, did well in school and her parents loved her. But really I wasn’t under the whole facade I was still this insecure girl. The longer I kept on pretending the harder it was to even think about opening up and the more insecure I became. At some point it wasn’t even a choice anymore, I would never be able to open up to anyone. I mean if I ever told my friends about how I really felt I thought they would hate me or judge me and stop being friends with me simply because I am not as happy as my superficial appearance gives me out to be. By the time I realised what was causing this insecurity it was too late to change because like I said it has become part of me. And I guess that’s also when I understood just how dangerous a thing it is.

That’s part of the reason I started this blog I guess, a platform I could totally be myself especially if I was anonymous. Shortly after I got a fresh start, a new school, I decided I was going to fight myself and stop hiding my emotions. I mean if I was sad one day then I was, it’s natural everyone has their “down days”. So I made new friends at this new school by totally being myself so I would know that the reason they became friends with me and like me is for me not someone I pretend to be. And guess it worked out great so in a way, I have learnt from my mistake and although it took quite a while to figure it out and work against it I still feel happy I went through the phase because it taught me something. Now even though some people call me emotional or soft, compared to how I pretended to be hard and not let anything get to me, I just fire back and say “So, what? That’s all you got? Don’t pretend you aren’t.” Not only have my insecurities subsided but my confidence has grown substantially. It’s hard to describe until you have been through it. But it almost feels like I am happier now like this burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I can just be myself. I still want to make my parents happy so sometimes I don’t tell them if I am sad but hey I have got my friends and this blog. And I am still working on totally opening up to them. And I think it is working so far. So wish me luck 😉

So yeah that’s pretty much it for this blog guys, I realise that it’s long sorry about that and it’s a lot more personal than any of the ones before but hey I decided why not give it a try. Tell me what you think in the comments below!!

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Girlalert xxx

Blogger Recognition Award

Okay okay so I was on holiday thinking you know it’s so sad that I don’t celebrate Christmas and all. All my friends always seem so happy and psyched in the days leading up to it and for me, it’s just another day. Nothing special and I felt so sad that I couldn’t share the same feeling of happiness and gratitude, that my friends were feeling, with them. It also made me feel very isolated from the rest of my friendship group but that’s another story. Well now comes the exciting part ….. I am currently traveling without internet and when I finally got a stable network I checked my blog and I was so surprised when I read that fairylightsandpolaroids nominated me!!! I know out of all the people she also picked me!!! YAY!!!! I actually can’t believe it like I am so happy!

Bildergebnis für blogger recognition award

Okay so first…


You made my day.. heck no.. my whole season. SO thank you for nominating me and more importantly giving me something to smile about as well in this season of happiness. I don’t know how I can ever thank you for that. You guys if you don’t already follow her then WHY?? Go and do it, now!! I promise you won’t regret it!! (

And can we just take a minute to appreciate her amazingly creative and wonderful name? I mean this girl is the epitome of happiness!! Love you and thank you.

So as part of being a nominee, I have to tell you guys why I started a blog so here it goes:

Ever since I was little and stumbled upon a little cute blog I had wanted to have one of my own to share my feelings and thoughts on but the thing that really pushed me was probably after I read GirlOnline by Zoella, a famous blogger and Youtuber but also so much more than that. I fell in love with having a blog a platform to integrate with people you barely know yet can relate to and talk to. Although I have a loud personality I am actually quite brittle inside and I have gone through really tough times. I guess you could say I was almost too timid to open up even though on the surface it was the exact opposite. I think it’s just a mask and armour I put on in the morning before meeting friends or even leaving the house because I struggle to open up to people so instead I hide myself. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it and the things inside were eating away at me. So I needed to tell someone and get it off my chest. That’s also part of the reason I became a blogger. I decided that by keeping an anonymous blog I would be able to share all those feelings without anyone knowing who I really am. I would be able to process those feelings myself and hopefully bu sharing them I would be able to help others as well. So simply said a blog was the perfect solution it was the solution to my problem and a dream come true. Now although I may have a small group of followers I consider myself lucky because they are very dedicated and loyal and I am so happy to have them!!

Another specification is that I give 2 tips to new bloggers so here it is:

  1. I know it’s cheesy but as part of my blog I have talked about it several times and dedicated a post to it because I struggle with this sometimes and I know it’s not just me so it is “just be yourself” because honestly only if you are being true to yourself can you sincerely talk about your feelings and only then you can be sure that the friends you made like you for who you are. Only if you are you then you will comfortable in your skin and your confidence can grow!
  2. numero dos is: choose a theme and stick to it. This second point isn’t so much about your attitude or style if writing but about the layout of your blog. If you made a blog for a specific reason then stick to it. Write about the things you are passionate about not the things you think people will want to read. Do it for others and yourself don’t do it for fame! Oh and by stick to it I mean just keep persevering.

Okay so now for the nomination(s)…

*drum roll please* ……..

I have decided to nominate only one person today. I have gotten to know some of you better than others but I hope I will get to know everyone equally eventually. These people have stuck with me for a long time. I had my doubts about this blog and I nearly gave up. I know right what was I thinking? But they have been there for almost 2 or 3 years now and I am grateful to have them and I feel like even though they don’t know it they have helped me a lot and continue to inspire me with their great writing styles

The Stoltzfus Sisters

Thank you again fairlylightsandpolaroids and I really think you deserve the nomination you got and hope you will continue to succeed with your amazing blog!!

Thank you also to all of my followers and I am sorry if I didn’t nominate you. Please don’t be mad. *haha awkward laughter*

Love you guys always!!!

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx



Don’t force a friendship

Hi guys,

So in the past, I have been friends with some people who well I am not really friends with now. We just grew apart or couldn’t keep in touch or just changed. It’s normal and natural. But when something like that happens with one of my close friends it’s hard to let go and that’s exactly what happened a while ago when I had to distance myself from one of my best friends in my whole entire life. Like mentioned I didn’t find it easy. When I first noticed that we are starting to grow apart, I became worried. So I tried to hang out more with her, tried to talk to her, opened up more in case that would prompt her to open up and in the end I just couldn’t take it anymore so I went up to her and asked her straight to her face what’s going on and what happened that caused us to grow apart because I couldn’t understand. I mean we had been friends for long, barely had a fight, totally understood each other and went through a lot together. Although I had good intentions I think that made her anxious and almost feel pressured so we distanced ourselves even more from each other and when I saw her passing in the corridor I would feel embarrassed and wouldn’t talk to her. A little bit of anger built up inside of me as well because I was filled with pain, regret and confusion. I started being mad at myself, her and the world. But really it’s no one’s fault I mean some things just aren’t meant to be and it’s not like she meant to hurt me or upset me. She just needed some time to herself. I know now that was wrong of me to blame it on her but back then I couldn’t think, I didn’t want to think I only wanted answers. More than anything. So I guess you can say I tried to force a friendship which not only didn’t work but pushed her away from me even more. In case you were wondering: now we are good friends, not as close as before but we still keep in touch and I am glad we do and I have learnt my lesson not to ever push anyone like that again. To never put anyone in that awkward situation.

So in short just don’t force something whether friendship or relationship  Don’t change yourself in order to get their attention or keep them interested because at the end of the day happiness relies on you being true to yourself and if you are changing yourself to please them you aren’t being yourself. Thus no matter how happy you may seem on the surface you can never be fully content this way. Simply said if it’s meant to happen it will and if it doesn’t it won’t and there will be a reason even if it’s hard to distinguish the reason there always is one. And most importantly it’s not anyone’s fault and they aren’t bad friends if they decide they wanted to go their separate ways or you guys just drifted apart. It’s just life! Not everything that comes, sticks around!

If you guys want me to write about anything in particular just comment below or send me an e-mail. If you want to talk to me about anything just reach out. Remember I won’t judge and I really do want to help you guys. Love you all

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx