A simple drift

A breeze over the countryside

Sculpting the world bit by bit


Creating and destroying

Choosing to give life

As easily as it can take it away


Forming rolling aimless waves

Out on the ocean

A beautiful sight at times

Yet an unpredictable outcome


What a simple drift can do.

Heya guys,

I promised you guys I would post something and here it is. I’m going to be honest and say I prefer my first poem which I wrote a while ago (A single snowflake) but then I spent a lot more time on it, refining it, and I had a clear idea of what message I wanted to convey but with this one I just kinda let my fingers take over not really thinking about a pattern or stresses or anything but just writing out what came to mind, like spilling my thoughts onto this post. 😂💭It’s weird to describe. To all of the newcomers, this is only my second ever poem. Yes although I am nearing the end of my school experience I have only written two poems.☺️😂 So I would still appreciate any feedback. Please don’t hold back it’s through criticism that we learn! 😉

So I know that before I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to make poetry an actual thing on my blog or if it was just that one time and I am still not sure but I have created a Category called Poetry for now! 😅😝 I don’t know if I will be posting much though because they still don’t come to me as easily but when they do I promise to post them!

Anyway, I love you guys!!💙

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx


A single snowflake

A single snowflake floating from the sky

Trying to find its way to earth

Guided by the breath of night

To safety or so it seemed


Happiness, Hope, Passion filled it

As it awaited its descent

Nearing the lights of the city

Twinkling like itself


Up above it all

A picture perfect shot

Seemingly insignificant it looked

But to itself, it was a path it had longed for to lead it to the world of dreams


Deceived by the fog of the sky

The breeze builds and builds. A whirlwind of passion

Overcomes it as it desperately grasps for something

But the air inundates it. Trapped the snowflake surrenders.


Hurt, hoaxed and hopeless

The world of its dreams crushed

Like a slave to its master it was

Forced to submit on a journey to the unknown

In solitude.

Heya guys,

So I know I have been telling some of you guys I had something unusual and exciting planned so *drum roll please* this is it. Hope you aren’t disappointed 😉

I have told some of you guys I was thinking about maybe doing a poetry section on my blog although I had never written a poem and still you guys were so supportive and encouraging that now that I have written one I decided to share it with you guys. Sorry to disappoint some of you but I don’t think I will be doing this reguarly simply because I still find it hard to write them but maybe I will share one rarely when they come to mind.

So sharing this with you guys was a really big step for me scratch that it was a huge leap for me and here’s the reason(s)

Firstly I am super shy about sharing any of my work whether that be an essay or a piece of creative writing because I am always scared I will be judged for it or it won’t be good enough or something. But I decided if I don’t share it with you guys, my supportive little internet family, then with who, right? Also, I mean I stand for being proud of what you have produced or who you are. I stand for being confident and I created this space so we could all be ourselves and connect over things in life so I would be going against my own motto by not sharing it. I can’t expect you guys and shouldn’t promote you guys to be so confident and shameless if I can’t do that to show and empower you as well. If that makes sense? Also despite me being already in the later years of my secondary school education aka I am going to finish school in a couple years, I have never written a poem before!! WHAT? I know how crazy is that!! This is my first poem EVER! But here’s the thing I just couldn’t write poems before. I don’t know what changed but before I just thought poems were stories but broken up into lines that aren’t sentences and then on a larger scale broken up into stanzas that just took up more space. I still don’t know what makes them different from broken up sentences of a story but I think I have finally established that there definitely is a difference. Poems … I don’t know but they make me feel more emotions and more deeply …. in a weird kind of way. I can’t put it into words nor can I give you a definition of a poem because honestly I think the whole beauty of them expressing emotions and little things we take for granted is that we are left speechless and there’s no word to describe what we feel, really, and there’s no word to describe how a poem does that so yeah. I know some of you guys might disagree but hey that just makes sense in my confused brain 🙂  This poem is also very personal to me because it’s about how I was going through and I am still going through a tough phase with some of my friends and I feel so alone sometimes like a single snowflake falling from the sky trying to find its footing before it melts. If you are new and don’t know what I am talking about I explain it all in one of my other posts: A group but not really(a personal story). I just feel like my life is a bit of a mess and I am a bit of a mess right now but I know I will work it out eventually and then when I heard there might be snow in the next couple of days and there already was today in some regions in the UK the picture of a single snowflake came to my mind and words just kind of assembled themselves in my brain and urged me to write them down and before I even realised what I had done, I had written a poem. My first ever poem and it’s about my feelings and emotions and everything I always wanted it to be. So I am so so happy about it. It’s not perfect and I realise that but hey, it’s my first one.

Do feel free to give me some advice and feedback in the comments. Love you all and thanks for staying so patient with me while I sort through some things. I always find it useful and almost therapeutic to write it all down on my blog and then I find some people relate and it just makes the world seem a little more friendly and a little less lonely and assures me that you don’t have to be perfect because, in reality, no one is 🙂

Going offline,

Girlalert xxx